Solcana fitness

Lucia Hawley is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, with a graduate degree in social work, clinical mental health. Her interest is in the joyful integration of lifestyle practices and nutritional support that contribute to a more functional and happier body (i.e. you!). Her belief is that while making shifts in what one eats may feel overwhelming at first, it is these steps that contribute to overall improved well-being and longevity. She uses her knowledge to assist others as they aim to confront the roots of their health concerns and partners with them during these times to create sustainable change, believing that how you look and perform are symptoms of how you feel, not the other way around. Lucia also runs the Essential Omnivore, an online resource for health-promoting recipes that help you take the fear out of food. In her spare time she loves to play with her dog Hazel, practice piano and check out snapchat’s latest face filters.

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