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Hi friends,

Allow me to thank you guys for your continued support and encouragement – even more so after last week’s post. So many of you reached out to me to tell me about your own experience with depression, and I was overwhelmed with how many of you simply said, “I read your blog and I really liked it.” Thanks for that. I had no idea anyone read this and it’s pretty darn awesome to know that you do.

Mariah-CareyOkay. Whew! You got me feelin’ emotions! (thanks, Mariah Carey)

It’s Monday night and I’m anxious thinking about how I’m going to check everything off my list that I need to – including working out. I’ve noticed such a shift in my scheduling that CrossFit is now a non-negotiable and I find myself scheduling around it. Which is awesome, but I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to make it through this week, with everything, without dying. Aside from working 45+ hours a week at the office, I’ve got nine comedy shows in 6 days. On top of that, fit in a couple of meetings before shows and extra curricular projects that I’ve taken on and I’m a pile of anxiety and stress.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing too many things and none of them very well? How do you cope? That’s kind of where I’m at. This week, I think it’s even more important I make in to the box (still practicing that lingo!) to keep my head clear and in the game – even if that means my schedule will only allow 5:30am. We’re just gonna have to do it. Can anyone offer to give me a 4:45am wake up call? Seriously. Call me. Make sure I’m up and out of bed. I NEED YOU TO DO THIS.

jenn jumpingAs an update on the last week, some fun things happened. We’re still working on pose running skills on Saturday mornings, and this week was no different. I purposefully didn’t look at the workout on Wodify before I went, though, so I wouldn’t psych myself out, because we all know how much I love hate running. You might recall past Saturday morning run and funs (THEY ARE NOT FUN) have included SO MANY ROUNDS OF SPRINTS. Too many to count. I showed up right at 9am Saturday and was greeted by Hannah who excitedly told me that we were “DOING HILL SPRINTS!!!!!” You can imagine I didn’t quite match her level of enthusiasm, especially since she told me we were going to jog TO Matthews Park and THEN do the hill sprints. I’m pretty sure I just gave her the stink eye. Sorry, Hannah. You handled it well.

We walk/jogged the .9 miles to Matthews Park and then launched into the twelve rounds of hill sprints. Well, I did. Hannah timed me. I did the first one and something ridiculous happened. I actually thought “THAT WAS NOT THAT BAD!” It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore. And then you know what kind of crazy happened? I did eleven more.


See for yourself:

They weren’t the fastest, and they weren’t the prettiest, but I did them. I completed them. Me. I did. Twelve weeks ago I never would have thought that this was possible, mostly because I could not catch my breath after doing any kind of cardio. I can tell that my recovery time in between sprints is improving exponentially – this time I didn’t even need to use my inhaler in between rounds. That is the most noticeable, as someone with asthma. The emotional gains are right up there, too. Before I started this CrossFit journey, someone gave me the advice, “Just never quit.” When I heard that, I kind of laughed and thought “yeah, right.” Giving up was kind of my M.O. But you know what? I stopped giving up and actually started trying. I finally know what it’s like to push through to the other side and I hope that continues for me. I mean, I am the girl who watched Joan Benoit win the Olympic Marathon in 1984 – I was 6 – and decided I wanted to be just like her. I put on my cap, flipped the brim, and told my (older!) brother he needed to stand on the corner of our block with Dixie cups of water BECAUSE I WAS RUNNING A MARATHON, OKAY?! I made it around once and quit. You see what I mean.

So many of you continue to reach out and ask me about my experience with Solcana CrossFit and I love talking about it with you. So many, in fact, that we’re doing an introductory class on Thursday September 4th at 6:30 pm just for you! I will be there, coaches will be there, and I hope you are interested in coming. It is going to be a fun, free, and non-intimidating way to check out what CrossFit classes are like. We will even hang out afterwards and have a libation or two if that’s your thing, plus have some tasty and healthy snacks. I really hope you’ll consider attending. If you are interested, you can submit your info here and register for the fun.

Thanks again for sticking with me here. See you next week!










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Beth Wydeven

Jenn- As always you impress me. I am coming to Minneapolis this weekend and maybe I will see you sat. at the Gym. I can tell that your stamina has improved by watching your video’s. So like WOW- good for you. You know you are “there” when you actually schedule around your exercise!! I hope you get lots of takers on the free session- feeling stronger and healthier does make life and it’s obstacles that much easier to handle and makes the joy of life that much more joyous!!

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