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First of all, thank you for all of your kind words on my 13 week progress picture that I posted on Facebook yesterday (if we’re not friends, feel free to find me here) . I am still in shock about how different my face looks!!!

13 Week Progress: Before and Current
13 Week Progress: Before and Current

It’s tough to see and acknowledge changes when you look at yourself everyday, and I think that’s why it’s so difficult for me to believe the progress I’ve made since my ‘before’ picture. Obviously, I did it. Rationally I know this, but at the same time I catch myself looking at this picture over and over because I can’t believe that it’s really me, or that I’ve changed that much. If you know me, you know I barely ever stick with things long enough to see a result….let’s face it, it took me 16 years to get my undergrad degree. Probably also why I have yet to pick up my diploma from the University of Minnesota – I’m still in disbelief. See what I mean?

Each day more and more of you reach out to me to ask questions about Solcana CrossFit, and I LOVE THAT! If you’re unfamiliar with CrossFit it is easy to assume it’s an activity only for elite athletes. I used to think the same thing, you guys. I did. But then I tried it. And I did it. And I hope that by continuing to do that, some of you might realize that CrossFit is for anyone that is looking to get healthier and build strength. If you haven’t read Hannah’s post yesterday about being body positive, and how CrossFit bodies run the spectrum, I hope you will. Because, seriously, that’s the jam. And, she’s spot on.

So many of you ask me what the workouts are like and I’m so glad you do! Being more of a visual person myself, I decided to create a video that shows you how a 60 minute WOD (workout of the day) breaks down into three main parts:

  1. Warm up (10-15 min)
  2. WeightLifting/Gymnastics (30-40 min)
  3. Metcon (metabolic conditioning aka cardio) (10-15 min)

I really hope you’ll join Coach Hannah and I for a FREE introductory class on Thursday September 4th at 6:30 pm just for you! It is going to be a fun, free, and non-intimidating way to check out what CrossFit classes are like in a completely supportive setting. We will even hang out afterwards and have a libation or two if that’s your thing, plus have some tasty and healthy snacks. I’m really excited to spend this time with you and showing you why I’m such a fan of Solcana CrossFit. If you are interested, you can submit your info here and register for the fun. I promise lots and lots of fun (and aslo lots and lots of sweat).

A new thing we started this week was a Facebook group called Solcana Food Fan-Club, which is open to anyone (JOIN US!) – CrossFit or not. If you’re interested in learning about or sharing healthy eating advice/recipes/challenges/successes you might want to join us here. Eating is such a big part of this health journey and I love learning tips and trade secrets and think this will be a great place to build a support community around food.

Here’s a little humorous take on what a CrossFit WOD is like. I promise no babies or animals were harmed in the making of this random video footage, politely borrowed from the internet and professionally edited in iMovie by yours truly. Enjoy!


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