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Do you have someone you’re always gushing to about your exciting gym experiences? Maybe you’ve spent a bunch of time ranting about an awesome new PR you set, or how quickly you finished a grueling workout, only to hear things like “What is a push press?” or “I’m sorry, did you say ‘AMRAP’?” Now is the perfect time to show them first hand all the cool things you’ve been raving about!

Bring a Friend Day is a free partner workout run by Coach Jerik, and all experience levels are welcome! It’s a fun excuse to sweat a bunch, do some hard work with your friend (you’ll be partners, after all!) and show them some of the sweet stuff we do at Solcana. There’s perks too!

If your friend signs up that day, they get 15% off their first month at Solcana.  

If your friend joins us, not only do they get that sweet discount, but you will receive $50 off your next month.

I’m serious.

Everyone wins. You both save money. You both have a great time. You both get fitter. Heck, you’re probably gonna end up bonding a little over the whole thing. Let’s fill this class up! There are only 10 spots (that’s you + your friend = one spot) so sign up NOW. You can fill out the form below, or there will be a sign up sheet in the gym.


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