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Some of you have heard the news — Solcana is expanding! We are adding another 1500 sq ft. room onto our space, and with that we will be increasing our class offerings. I want to introduce your to our first new class/membership option: Metcon. Metcon (short for “Metabolic Conditioning”) classes will be VERY similar to our regular Crossfit classes, they just won’t have the designated strength portion. You can think of it as a “cardio only” class. The programming for the workouts will be different than Crossfit classes, and we will be able to take time to hone in on movements and skills beforehand.

What: Metcon, our new class and membership option
When: Wednesday Sept 7th in Matthews Park., Sept. 19th in our new back room!
Schedule: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 6pm
Cost: $125/month with a 3-month commitment, or pay-ahead $350 for 3 months
Location: 1915 E 22nd Street, in our new back room
Limit: Only 25 memberships available

Classes will still run at 6 pm on Mon, Wed and Fri, and last for about 45 minutes. Although Metcon will eventually take place in our new back room, we will hold Metcon classes in Matthews Park before then.

If you’re a current Crossfit member, you already have access to these classes! Starting Sept 7th we offer a Metcon-only membership to new folks. In addition to the Metcon classes, those on the Metcon membership will also have access to 1 mobility class per week. Our mobility classes take place next door at 2200 Minnehaha Ave. They are focused on lengthening your muscles and stretching your body so that you can be a better, more functional athlete during your Metcon classes. You can go to one of these classes at any time they are offered.

This membership is $125/month for 3 classes + 1 mobility class each week. We ask that people sign up for 3-months at a time. You can also take the option to pay ahead for your 3 months at $350 (save $25). If you would like to sign up for a longer duration and pay ahead, there are additional discounts available, just ask me. There is only one catch – there are only 25 memberships available for Metcon classes. If you’re a gym member and know someone who is maybe intimidated by Crossfit and worried about all the new lifts – the Metcon membership is a perfect way for them to get introduced to Crossfit!

So what should you do to sign up? Email [email protected] I can sign you up now for a Metcon membership that begins Sept. 7th. You can continue to renew that membership every 3 months to keep your spot on the #metconsquad. I really hope you join us, because it’s going to be so much fun!


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