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October is right around the corner and I’m so excited to announce enrollment is now open for the October sessions of the Essential You! There are two class offerings:

IN PERSON (at Solcana Wellness) Sundays, 4 PM – 5:30 PM October 23rd through November 20th

ONLINE (via Skype) Sundays, 1:30 – 3 PM October 23rd through November 20th

Class cost is $189, and discounted to $179 for current Solcana Fitness members.

What exactly IS the Essential You? It’s a 5 week class series where we learn about the fundamentals of health and we cover a wide variety of subjects, such as:

  • why do we have a gallbladder and why is it important for digestion? What IS digestion? Where does it start?
  • the difference between fructose and glucose and how your body processes them differently (and why it’s important!)
  • why our bodies NEED dietary fats and how the low-fat fad came to be (and why we’re saying good-bye to it!)
  • how to read labels on products and actually understand what they’re telling you (and what they’re trying to avoid, skip over or promote on those labels!)

In addition, Essential You participants also complete a 3 week anti-inflammatory dietary challenge, where we take the principles we learn in class and apply to the foods we eat, all with the support of one another and using delicious, wholesome fresh foods. There’s no calorie counting here! Some of the changes people have experienced during the dietary challenge include:

  • joint pain eliminated
  • weight loss of 7 pounds, 10 pounds, 16 pounds and more
  • seasonal depression gone
  • acne cleared up
  • energy increases throughout the day, especially during the mid-afternoon slump
  • performance and strengths gains during workouts
  • enhanced sleep quality

Interested? Great! e-mail [email protected] and I’ll get you all signed up for either class option. Class participants receive tons of support not only from other group members during class, but also throughout the week with our private facebook group, recipes boards for inspiration and personal one-on-one help with me!



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There 2 responses to “October Essential You enrollment open!”

Laura Brandenburg

Excited to have this wonderful support and resource. Hooray you founders!

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Lucia Hawley

Thank you for your kind words, Laura! We’re very happy to have the opportunity to provide this class–let me know if you ever have any questions I can answer!

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