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Congratulations to our two February Athletes of the Month, Ikraan Omar and Kira Hasbargen!

Image uploaded from iOS (1)Ikraan has made a home at Solcana and always greets everyone with an infectious smile and a bright and enthusiastic “hi!”  She shows up consistently. She is a strong advocate for her health at 16 – and she has made an impact on her family’s health as well. Ikraan has a great attitude and loves to try new things. She embraces new movements and hard workouts as fun challenges and is always pushing herself to be her best. I have never seen anyone get so excited about facing challenges. She is also very outgoing and kind and is a great person to workout with. She is really working on her Olympic weightlifting and almost never misses a Thursday night class.  She always comes to class with a smile on her face and ready to work on her technique.


Pasted image at 2017_01_31 01_44 PMKira is notable for her excellent attendance (especially at Oly) and and the joy, friendly attitude, and levity that she brings to every class. She was suspect of the gym at first and wasn’t sure it would be her thing, but she has shown incredible commitment and has made so much progress. She has made huge gains in the past few months, which probably has a lot to do with her commitment to getting to class and really listening and engaging with coaches. When she started in August, she wasn’t able to do situps, but by November she did 6 sets of 10. Although rowing isn’t her strongest skill YET, she hops on that rower every time it’s programmed and gives it her best effort. She smiles in the face of a challenge never lets her ego keep her from trying something new.

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