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My biggest achievement since starting at Solcana would probably be my attitude towards working out. I’ve never thought that I could have that much fun while working out, and I think it’s because of the acceptance and friendship that I found at Solcana.

My drive to be more active has changed and it really surprised me. I never thought that I could do Olympic lifting, but now that I’ve worked at it I’ve improved. I never knew that I could lift such heavy things and it’s really fun.

My life has definitely changed since joining Solcana. I am the only female lifter at my school in the strength club, and I have been driven to doing more sports. I have taken on rugby and shot put and discus. I have also started eating healthier, I do the paleo diet. I have been more mobile and I like moving around more.

My biggest challenge at Solcana is finding a time to go. I normally go three times a week, but with recent events I haven’t had enough time to go. Hopefully I can increase my hours at Solcana soon when I’m don’t with me extra curricular activities.

My goals when I first started out were pretty simple. My first goal was to get better at squatting. My second goal was getting better at c+j and snatch. Now my goals are to get up to 400lbs in my deadlift. Get up to 125 kilos at a competition (as a score). Last is to get more PR’s.

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