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17.5 is done, which means the 2017 Open is officially over. Congratulations everyone for getting through all 5 of those brutal workouts and really crushing it. There were so many remarkable and unforgettable moments that happened this year and I was proud to witness some of them!

This last workout was a no-mercy beatdown of breathlessness. Very difficult to manage your rest and work ration on this one, and super easy to go too hard too fast. If you did this one, congratulations, you’re a hero.

Once again, Becky Kane just obliterated the competition and came out on top of the leaderboard. She did unbroken thrusters at 65# and had only a few misses on double-unders. Basically finishing this workout under the 20 minute cap at Rx put you in the top 15 athletes, but also doing scaled at light-speed (AKA Alex, Sara and Chris) boosted your overall score this week. Big props to the top 15 non-coach athletes – Ginger made an appearance this week, get it! Love seeing new names at the top of the leaderboard.

And now, for the final results! The top scoring team for 17.5 was Squatters’ Rights, which just helped us edge out Sasquats to take the overall win for the Open. Sorry, I swear I didn’t rig the team picks, I can’t help it that Chris, Xan and Garrett are just awesome and consistent and super nice friends.

SPEAKING OF SUPER NICE FRIENDS – great job to all the teams, and a huge special wonderful fantastic shout-out to Drop It Like a Squat for bringing the thunder, the friendship and the matching to every workout. I know Squatters’ Rights won the actual open points-wise, but team DiLaS officially wins Team Spirit Award!

We also had some overall winners from the Open in general and they deserve some serious recognition! OBVIOUSLY the top finisher was Becky Kane. I wish I could say someone was chasing her, but honestly she took top 3 in almost every workout and just absolutely left everyone else in the dust. The top 15 really all did well in every workout and ended up in the top 15 on a regular basis.

Check out the top 15 non-coach athletes! These names certainly don’t shock anyone, but it’s nice to see them highlighted here. Special shout-out to our bb’s in the house Melissa and Aliza for being like 19 years old and teaching us old folks how to move with supple joints. Double props to the old peeps, we have some late 30’s, over 40’s crowd just stopping in to say “age ain’t nothin but a number baby”. Special extra double credit to Nate A. for having two kids in diapers and still getting second place in the Open.

We also have to award our “spirit of the open” prize, which undoubtedly goes to Meghan Casey this year. Not only did Meghan complete all 5 of the workouts, she also watched, cheered and scored at least 6 hours worth for each one. She went out of her way to come to classes she wasn’t part of, and came on Saturdays and Sundays to cheer on the folks who couldn’t do the workouts on Friday. This person is wonderful! I know she won’t accept much of a prize from me, but that’s just too bad because you’re getting one. You deserve it!!

Overall Prize Winners

Top Athlete: Becky Kane
Spirit of the Open: Meghan Casey
Top Team: Squatters’ Rights
Team Spirit: Drop It Like a Squat

I will get your prize packages together this week and set them out for you on the bump! So proud of how hard you worked and you DEFINITELY earned some swag.

Other Stats from the Open

  • 60 folks completed 17.5, overall we had an 85% completion rate for all 5 workouts, which is amazing!
  • 15 people completed 17.5 at Rx, while the rest went for scaled
  • The average scaled score was 14:27, while average Rx score was 17:19

Shout-outs from 17.5 and The Open

  • Ryan says “Becky G was sick or traveling for a lot of the Open but did her best to find a space where she could complete the work. She is much braver than I am. Fili and Sasha were terrific teammates. They cheered, they worked their butts off, and I might even say they had fun. Everyone on Chingones gave it all they had each week and I couldn’t be prouder.”
  • Adam says “shout out to Liv for scheduling the breaks with me in our improv class to check the Open announcement.”
  • Jake says “Shannon Bean did a great job of pushing herself within safe limits. Sara Rad destroyed the thrusters on 17.4.  Special ‘2 Clanged 2 Banged’ shoutout to Ben C.  for doing 17.2 at 5:30 before a weekend traveling.”
  • Jeff says “Both the Nasty Lifters and the Boss Lady (probably not their team name) (Laurel, Liv, et al)  were so supportive of one another. They seemed like they had the most fun with each other.”
  • Jerik says “Delaney got a raw deal during 17.5 with two broken jump ropes and an untied shoe, but she persevered and got all the way through it at Rx. Even though she didn’t sign up on a team she still did all 5 workouts and put in 100%”
  • Bobby says “Erika F had a fantastic attitude going into each workout.  She really pushed herself on 17.3 with the 55# snatches. She didn’t think she could do it…she did…for a good amount of reps. I was so proud!!”
  • Big shout-out to the Decuir’s for taking on the challenging task of doing the scoring. It’s not easy and it’s very time-consuming and I am so thankful to them!
  • Props to Jess F. for doing the Open and Essential You at the same time! CRUSHED IT and gained some increased wellness in the process.

I am SO PROUD of every single one of you for putting in the time, effort, sweat, tears and pain into the open. It has been a very inspiring and invigorating 5 weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to grind through the winter months, but this has really helped the time fly by and it’s been so joyful! I love you all so much, I hope you know that.

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