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17.2 is done, which means there are only 3 open WOD’s left to go! This was a 12 minute hammer triplet. Just bruuuuutal on the forearms, butt and lungs. Grunt work lunges plus some technical gymnastics elements made for quite the combination. I was so impressed to see so many of you push outside of your comfort zone.

Once again I need to shout out to the Decuirs for making the scoring sheet make sense. They were able to finnagle the numbers so that athletes can actually be compared by effort across the Rx, S+ and S categories.

Specifically with a workout like 17.2, where one of the elements (muscle-ups) is highly skilled, we needed to make the scoring count those completed muscle-up reps more highly than a rep at S+ or S. That being said, that only factored in for athletes who actually completed a muscle-up. That way, athletes who did a lot of reps at S+ or S actually ranked higher than the Rx athletes who got a few or no muscle-ups during the workout.

It’s all very mathy-mathy, but what it all really comes down to is that Becky Kane is a superhero and impossible to beat. Congrats also has to go to Nate A., Marijke and Jake for getting some bar muscle-ups! The top 15 overall athletes ended up being a blend of the highest scoring S+, Rx and S athletes. Instead of separating them out this week I wanted you to be able to see how the numbers stacked up.

Team rankings this week has my team, Squatter’s Rights, sitting at the top (WHOOO!!!), with Sasquats, Clang and Band and Drop it Like a Squat hanging out in the top 4 spots.

Team Sasquats is Aliza, Nate A, AJ and Brianna. They are currently holding first place in
the overall standings, with Drop it Like a Squat nipping at their heels. Team Clang and Bang really shot up this week, going from 16th place to 8th place overall. The ranking is all shook up this week, which just goes to show that your team can easily move up or down from workout to workout, don’t give up just yet!

Other stats from the week:

  • 68 out of 73 athletes completed the workout
  • The average score was 131 points, which is 4.5 rounds
  • Several athletes re-tested their score again on Sunday during Open Gym
  • 22 athletes completed Scaled + compared to 13 during 17.1

Shout-outs From the Week:

  • Coach Ryan says “Ikraan was terrific.  She knew her limits and scaled the lunges to 10# (which was a tough go for her) but knew 10# would be too easy on the power cleans and so she went 20# on those.  The whole thing was a big challenge for her but she rested very little and gave it all she had.”
  • Coach Jenn says “Rye!!!! He cruised through SO strong and with a giant smile!!! I know he had nerves and I think he showed himself the awesomeness he is capable of.”
  • Erika Fortin moved like lightning, and crushed 159 reps at the scaled weight.
  • Ben Capistrant looked cool and collected for all 12 minutes
  • Meghan Casey did lunges THE WHOLE TIME. Last year during the open she could not do lunges without putting her hand on her leg or on the floor. This year she did them all, and said she thought she could have done 10# next time.
  • Shout out to everyone who tried a muscle-up. Those things are not easy, and it takes guts to try to throw yourself over the bar. You will be able to do them some day!
  • Lucia says “Jade is always so positive and really cheers people on. She is just great to have around all the time.”
  • Big thank you to everyone who sent me pictures! I really appreciate it.

What are your predictions for 17.3? I am thinking we are going to see something heavy. Maybe a 5 minute AMRAP followed by a max-out snatch (a girl can dream). See you Friday, with bells on!


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