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17.3 is done, which means we only have two more open workouts left! This last week was so incredible to watch. I saw some people get a personal best on snatch, and I saw a handful of people do their first workout with pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups. This workout was so intimidating on paper, all those heavy snatches and a highly skilled gymnastic movement does not make for an easy 8-24 minutes. I am proud of everyone who pushed aside the fear and just went for it.

Of course, thank you to the Decuirs for returning from their vacation to Nashville and working on the scores late into the night. Once again we have the top 15 athletes for the week, with the scores weighted based on what round you made it to, how many reps you got, and whether you did Rx, S+ or Scaled.

I won! Good job me. I have to say, pull-ups and snatching kind of plays to my strengths, so I think it was luck of the draw on that one. Danielle G. popped on the top this week as well, with Alex and Kaitlin right behind her. Check out Kaitlin just completely crushing the competition from the scaled category, so froggin’ incredible.

I went ahead and made a top 15 list of the top scorers without coaches, and check it out! Great job to all those folks, I witnessed most of you working to the absolute last breath you had and it was so inspiring.

In terms of 17.3 team scores, squatters rights took this workout, with Random Google Name Generators falling closely behind. RGNG is made up of Alex, Kaitlin Tracey and Abe, so it should surprise no one that they kicked so much ass. Also big shoutout to Chingones and Spiced H.A.M. for really rising in the ranks this week! It’s really impressive to see a team shoot up in the scores from week to week.

Overall we have Sasquats just chilling at the top of the leaderboard still (Aliza, Nate, AJ, Brianna). That is a damn tough team to beat, but I guess we know who we are all watching out for in 17.4. Team Petey’s pals are quietly sitting in fourth place the last two weeks, and I think they are the team to watch out for. If I could rename that team I would call them team “silent but deadly”. Petey’s Pals is made up of Tamra, Brady, Allyson and Megan G. A solid group of 11:30 am folks who will silently wipe. the. floor. with the rest of us. Keep your eye on them!


Stats from the week:

  • 65 out of 73 athletes did 17.3, which is our fewest so far. I am hoping we can get back up to 70 or more next week!
  • Like last week, we had several people re-test their scores to try to help their teams move up in the ranks.
  • 8 people attended the 6:00 am mini-mobility class on Friday, which scientifically improved their scores.
  • More athletes did the Scaled division than any other workout so far
  • 44 athletes stopped after 8 minutes, 14 athletes made it to 12 minutes, 4 athletes made it to 16 minutes, and only 3 athletes (Kaitlin, Laurel and Brianna) made it to 20 minutes.

Shoutouts this week:

  • Amy H. had a killer performance, working well after everyone else had stopped. She had perfect snatch form the whole time and no misses!
  • Brianna hit a PR snatch at 95 lbs after several missed attempts. She was so excited that she didn’t actually finish the rep and hit depth, she just looked excited and shocked and the rest of the class erupted in excitement. Brianna, it may not count for the open, but it certainly counts for major badassery points.
  • Laurel also hit a PR snatch at 95 lbs, and got an enormous number of reps to help her team.
  • Coach Kaitlin says “Ginger and Kira did 17.3 again on Sunday and ROCKED it. Ginger has such a great attitude, I loved watching her works so hard but also have a lot of fun. Kira was hilarious, as always, and totally rocked her snatches.”
  • Pat T. returned from a two week trip to Europe, did 17.3 and then made up 17.1 on Sunday JUST FOR FUN. What a guy.
  • Big shout-out to team Flex Appeal. They might be sitting at #15 but it’s not for lack of guts and glory. This team is a pleasure to watch – A, Jess, Rye and Jenn S. put their hearts out there every week and work hard AF. Jess asked me last week, how can I completely destroy this workout? To that I say, just by showing up, you’ve already done it. GREAT JOB TEAM!
  • Coach Jeff says, “Meghan C came in on Sunday just to cheer people on and help change weights. That’s the second week in a row she has come on Sunday just to be supportive.”
  • Mobility guru Emma says “Shoutout to Jeff Lockhart for always bringing such motivating and encouraging energy to the early morning Open Workouts on Friday mornings! His positive and uplifting support always push me a bit further. I was *this* close to doing the scaled weight but knowing Jeff had my back pushed me to do the scaled plus weight even if I couldn’t do the pull ups.”

Next week, my guess is that 17.4 will be a chipper of rowing, deadlifts, double-unders and handstand pushups. Last week was all pull so hopefully we see some push coming up, but you never know! Also, next week Friday night both the 5:30 and 6:30 pm classes will have a photographer from the CrossFit Journal who will be attending class to take photos. I would love to pack the gym full of you awesome people. Check out the facebook event and let me know if you can make it!

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