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17.4 is over and WOWZA that was a fun one to watch. I remember just how much this one crushed my back and hamstrings when it was 16.4. It is such an intense grind for 13 minutes, and it was so inspiring to watch you all push that hard. I saw more effort put into this one than the other three workouts combined. Maybe it’s being four weeks in, or just having the cheers of the crowded gym, but I saw so many exceptional performances this week that it couldn’t be just a coincidence.

Marijke was sick and still managed to get all of the scores together, THANK YOU. Seriously, we owe her and Matt something for this magic numbers game they play every week. So many people did Scaled + or Rx this week, it was inspiring to see you all push beyond!

This week I again made two rankings, one with the coaches included and one without. Congratulations to Chris Larkin for crushing this one! Snuck out an extra rep over Becky and Nate and secured the top spot of the week. Not an easy task. One rep of a HSPU really made a very big difference in this workout, as you can see by all the folks tied with 0 HSPU at Rx. This week we also had another top 3 finisher from the S+ category, demonstrating that it’s worth it to stay in your own lane and just focus on doing the best you can with whatya got.

Also, 9 out of 15 (including coaches) and 11 out of the 15 (non-coach) top finishers were women or trans folk and I am like YES YOU ARE A DESTROYER I CLAP ONE THOUSAND TIMES FOR YOU. So proud and excited. This is your place, you are a mother-trucking champion.

Sasquats are at the top once again, with Squatter’s Rights trailing closely behind. Team Clang and Bang came out swinging this workout! Petey’s Pals are now tied with Drop It Like a Squat. Did I not tell you?! They are coming for all of us. Watch out because Petey’s Pals has big plans to destroy 17.5 and leave us all in the dust.

There are MINIMAL points between teams right now, it’s literally anyone’s game. Every single team is within 1-3 points of another team, so 17.5 is the time to absolutely crush it and move up a few slots. At this point the only team with mild security is Sasquats, but don’t get too comfortable because it Squatter’s Rights all finish within the top 5 next week, they will overtake Sasquats. The tension in here could be cut with a knife.

Other Stats from 17.4

  • 62 out of 72 athletes did the workout this week, which is still a pretty great turnout considering how many people were sick this week!
  • We had 16 athletes attempt Rx compared to 10 athletes on 17.3
  • We had 23 athletes attempt S+ compared to 16 athletes on 17.3
  • 29 athletes made it off the rower and got at least one HSPU, push-up, or push press
  • 4 athletes were only 1 calorie short of finishing the row

Shout-outs from the Week:

  • Ryan has a bunch of shout-outs this week. Here is one! “Laurel T. didn’t think she would have much success with S+ due to the Wall balls but after a little prodding, she embraced the challenge and rocked S+.  She almost made it off the rower, too.”
  • Pat T. went for the Rx on Friday and had to grind out singles on the DLs.  He never made it to the rower but came back on Sunday to do it S+ and almost made it to the push-ups.”
  • Kira isn’t exactly best friends with the erg but with perseverance, she almost made it through all 55 of the calories and dare I say had fun!”
  • Marijke says “Hannah P did her first WOD with 14 lb wall balls!”
  • Jeff says “Andy T rocked S+ so hard. He was licking his chops for the rower but didn’t blow himself out on he DL’s and wall balls. By the time he got to the push-ups, he was operating on sheer determination.”
  • “I also want to plug Victoria, Cindy and Shelly who came to the evening even though they aren’t doing the Open technically. They are still super new but jumped in with enthusiasm and pushed themselves to do the movement as best they can.”
  • Everyone in the world says “Meghan Casey might be the best cheerleader this place has.  I think she might have shown up to every class that did 17.4 all weekend just to score, cheer, and support.  She is so generous.”
  • Jade went for scaled plus after not being sure that she could do it, and she absolutely obliterated the deadlifts.
  • Big shout-out to everyone who let me count for them or yell at them. It brings me so much joy to push you and see you all succeed and it doesn’t bother me one bit when you yell things at me or get mad.

I have a prediction for next week – AMRAP/7 50 double-unders + 6 Power Cleans (185/125) – a girl can dream. What do you think we will see? For the final week of the open, I would LOVE to do a potluck style pack the gym from 5:30 – 7:30 pm on Friday. Here is the event I made for it. Invite anyone you would like! See you for 17.5 and the end of the open!!

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