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Homies, Friends, Buddies, Fellow Athletes, Mindful Mobiles: Listen up! 

We have something exciting in the works and we can’t wait to get you all involved. Beginning on May 1st, we are going to be welcoming each and everyone of you to #comeasyouare!

Quick rundown of what that means, followed by some deets:

Who – YOU!

What – an opportunity to engage with our community and beyond by promoting the fact that Solcana is a safe space where you can come exactly as you are and you will be seen, appreciated, supported and celebrated; and that you will be given the space you need to build strength, self-compassion, self-acceptance, friendship and whatever else it is you need to be the most fulfilled version of yourself.

How and Where – by taking a picture of yourself at the gym in whatever state you’re in with the polaroid camera (provided in the gym) and writing one word or short phrase on the polaroid and then hanging it on the cork board at the front of the gym space! The next step would be to share that pic on social media with the hashtags: #comeasyouare #solcanaself #bodiposi and any other hashtags that make your heart sing!

When – May 1 – June 31.  At the end of the campaign, the wonderful Adam Iverson will be taking more formal photographs of anyone who is feeling inspired to be involved in the project. More details to come on this!

Why – Solcana is a special place. We all know this to be true because we get to experience it in and out of the gym and wellness space each day. Solcana, along with all the members, seems to have built a special place in our hearts which is a big and beautiful deal. There aren’t many spaces that we can show up to exactly as we are in any given moment and feel seen, accepted, comfortable, safe and excited (and sometimes not-so-excited) to be ourselves!


No matter how you’re feeling, what clothes you have on your body, what sneakers you put on your feet – you are welcome at Solcana and we want you to show up in whatever way you can and want to. As an early morning gym go-er, myself, I often show up to the gym with yesterday’s mascara smeared under my eyes, mismatching socks, and/or a tshirt with holes in it. Guess what? At Solcana – NO BODY CARES! in the best possible way, of course. The coaches and my fellow athletes see me for who I am beyond what clothes I wear and what mood I happen to be in on that given day. They give me space to do what I need to in the gym – throw some heavy shit around, lie on the floor and stretch, cry my eyes out, laugh like a hyena for no good reason, and on and on.

We will post a step-by-step ‘how-to’ on the coffee table at the front of the gym on Monday, May 1st so stop by and snap a pic to get this party started! 

I am really looking forward to seeing you continue to come as you are to the BEST GYM in the world – not just Minneapolis 😉 


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