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Our 3rd Anniversary Day-Of-Fun is coming up fast! June 3rd we are celebrating 3 magical years of being open and we are doing to do it in stye. The day starts at 10 am with the Partner Challenge. That will run from 10-12, followed by a BBQ and hangout until about 4 pm. We will have food, treats and games at the BBQ, but please BYOB if you would like any alcoholic beverages. The BBQ party is open to everyone so please invite your friends!

Facebook Event Here – invite your buds.


Once you register for the partner challenge, you will be randomly assigned a partner from the gym. You can sign up for either the Rx or Scaled division, and you will be competing against the other teams in your division for a sweet prize. There are 8 events in the team challenge, and each person will complete 4. You and your partner will determine which events each of you completes. Each event will have a score and the top teams win! The whole event is about celebrating and having fun, so EVERYONE should participate. It’s such a friendly competition, in the end we all win!


  1. 3-min double-unders
  2. 100-m sprint
  3. 45-sec deadlift
  4. Partner carry
  5. 3-RM touch-n-go snatch
  6. Triple broad jump
  7. Clean + Jerk ladder
  8. Obstacle sled pull

3-min double unders (or single unders): for reps
100-m sprint: for time
45-sec deadlift: for reps, Rx-bodyweight, S-0.75 bodyweight
Partner carry: for time, scaled has option to carry a 50# sandbag
3-RM TNG snatch: for weight, 3 attempts
Triple broad jump: for distance, 2 attempts
Clean + Jerk Ladder: for weight, 3 attempts
Obstacle sled pull: for time, around obstacles

You can see that the Rx and Scaled divisions are not that different, so when you choose your division think about which division would be the most fun for you and best match your skill level at the moment. Rx folks should be able to do double-unders and complete a clean at (185/125). When you register there is also an option to have me select a division for you, which I am happy to do.

Register HERE to register for the partner challenge, or do so below.

Registration will close on May 25th so that teams have some time to connect and hang-out together, decide on your outfits and maybe even practice some of the events!

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