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Congratulations to our two May Athletes of the Month, Lindsey Hickman and Carolyn Bussey!


Lindsey Hickman has been a member since August 2015. She is not only a strong and talented athlete, she is a supportive training partner, member of our community, and an awesome ambassador for the Endurance program. Coach Ryan says “I never see her collapse on the floor after a workout. She is always up and cheering others on if she finishes before other athletes. She does this thing where she jogs in place when she’s done and others are finishing that seems to say ‘I’m here for you. I’m still working hard too.’ It’s very sweet.” Coach Bobby adds “Lindsey is very willing to learn and take coaches cues. She also always does a cool down walk/jog which I think is a really great idea! More athletes should cool their bodies down after a tough workout.” Since the Endurance program began in March, Lindsey has committed HARDCORE. She is there all the time, she convinces other people to do it, and she works so hard and motivates everyone around her. Her enthusiasm and commitment are contagious.



Carolyn Bussey has done a little bit of everything at Solcana: Outdoor, Metcon, CrossFit, Endurance, and now powerlifting. Coach AJ says “She was the most consistent Metcon athlete and is almost always at my Thursday night Endurance classes since the switch. She has a very positive attitude and just seems to have fun doing whatever crazy workout Jerik has come up with. I know she has moved into powerlifting and seems to have really made herself at home with Solcana.” Coach Jenn Says “Carolyn has been really consistent with her powerlifting training and it shows!!!! She asks questions about form and process and she shows up to do the work, ensuring awesome results.” Coach Hannah adds “Carolyn came to an oly lifting clinic before she was even a member and totally just threw herself in head first. Kyle had been pushing her for a long time to join, and when she finally did she just embraced everything 100%. She has really found a place with us and takes advantage of everything we have to offer” including Wellness opportunities such as the Essential You!

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