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Hector Chavarria (He/Him) @biggaymexican

What type(s) of community work do you engage in?

I am a performance artist known as The Big Gay Mexican, tell your friends. My work has been seen in various cabarets and social events throughout the Twin Cities. There is so much fat-shaming, homophobia, and racism flooding the Internet, primarily in social media. The reason I began Big Gay Mexican was because I felt it was high time I took a stand and try to spread some positivity around. I also use my life experiences in my art to shed some light on issues that aren’t really talked about such as discrimination within the queer community and sexual assault done to male victims. I’m trying to make a difference in this crazy world the best way I know how, through art.

What is your experience with group fitness before Solcana?

My experience in group fitness has been primarily in dance. For the past two years, I have been focusing on improving my dance skills so I have been taking classes in ballet and hip-hop. My favorite classes are with my talented dear friend Brian Bose. He offers classes focusing on slaying! What is SLAYING, you ask? Brian teaches dance moves inspired by Beyonce. He teaches us the moves and it is up to us to bring the sass and class to create the attitude needed to SLAY! It’s so much fun, I love dancing. I love feeling confident in my dancing. Taking classes with people who enjoy dancing as much as I do is such a treat, it makes exercising more fun. And also, I now can say that I SLAY!

Why Solcana? Why now? 

When I read Solcana’s mission statement, I knew this was the gym for me. I have always had uncomfortable experiences at other gyms. The environments tend to be very cold and un-welcoming. People are there to work-out and nothing more. Being inside a locker room and being the only queer person in there can be very awkward. Being at Solcana, the atmosphere is way different! I feel welcome, I feel comfortable, and I feel like I could be myself and no one would have a problem with it. I’ve been looking for a gym to help me succeed in my fitness journey. Over the past three years, I have accomplished to lose 330 lbs and I want to continue to lose more weight but also gain body strength. In my mind, Solcana Fitness is the way to go! I am beyond thrilled to be part of the Solcana Fitness family!! 

You have a free Saturday with no obligations, what do you do?

If I had a free Saturday with no obligations, I would be asleep. I know that doesn’t sound very interesting but as an artist my schedule tends to be quite crazy at times so when I do have days off I sleep and it is wonderful!! Just for funzies, if I wasn’t tired and had a free Saturday I would be out for a walk enjoying the outside. I love walking around Minneapolis exploring the city. If a friend is available, I would be walking around with them and possibly grab a lunch or perhaps a drink. I love being social and meeting new people!

What is something you want everyone to know about you?

My favorite color is pink and I am not ashamed to admit it. If I could, my whole life would be in pink from my clothes to my home to my hair.

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