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What would consider your biggest achievement since starting at Solcana?

Becoming competent at squatting. I stopped focusing on how much I was squatting and focused on how I was squatting. This was a direct result of an awesome group of people at the gym who were doing the powerlifting thing at the time. The first powerlifting meet I ever did I was dq’ed on every squat attempt (255 lbs). Within 6 months of starting at Solcana I set a squat PR with legitimate squat depth at something like 265 lbs. At the Solcana Beginner Meet that I participated in I hit 300 for a successful lift. I’ve since done 315.

Is there something you can do now that you never expected to do? A change you never expected to see? A new ability you didn’t even know was possible?

Clean 190+ pounds! All my number for weights have gone up since coming to Solcana. This is entirely attributed to the environment at Solcana. For me personally, the environment allowed for progress because the number isn’t what was ultimately important. Improvement, personal growth, community all allowed me to get better. Its a place I want to be so I keep coming back through the ups and downs of my life. Its a community I am excited my daughter gets to experience as she grows up and becomes a strong person.

Have you experienced any major life changes or new habits or behaviors?

I would like to think I’ve become a less selfish person. Prior to Solcana I couldn’t picture myself as a good parent and I wasn’t ready. Since being at Solcana I’ve moved in with my partner, we’ve created an awesome life together in South St. Paul and now have an amazing little human named Mia in our life. My life before Solcana was about me. I’m not totally there yet but my goal now is that life is about our little family at home and always being part of strong community like Solcana.

I’ve also started a very small BBQ business that I am hoping to grow in the years to come. Half the battle here is taking small steps to keep moving forward. Another Solcana lesson. You have to show up and small changes over time turn into some pretty big growth.

What is your biggest challenge in the gym, and how do you battle it?

Making it to the gym with a new baby! I haven’t been entirely successful at this yet as I am transitioning to morning classes so this is the start on winning that battle! I’ll put it out here that my new goal for the next few months is going to be the same every month. 3 mornings a week.

What were your goals when you were just starting out? What are your goals now?

Starting out my goals were about lifting more weights.

Now I have 3 goals:

Get into better overall shape so I can try and keep up with Mia as she grows up
Be a better partner
Continued personal growth and social awareness

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