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Amalia Nicholson (she/her) @amalianicholson

What type(s) of community work do you engage in?

I work in the advertising + film community, primarily. When I’m not working, I’m still working… But on launching a super cool podcast called Borrowed Interest with a couple other rad ladies of color in advertising! We’re going to take a critical and fun look at what it’s like to be a person of color in a predominantly white industry. It will be released in September of this year!

What is your experience with group fitness before Solcana?

Does watching people run around Lake Of The Isles count? How about trying to keep up with power walkers at the Mall Of America? No? Ok, well, then I have none. I’ve never been into the idea of group fitness, mainly because it feels so vulnerable and intimidating to start! It gives me serious gym class flashbacks, where literally the only thing I was good at on the presidential fitness test was stretching.

Why Solcana? Why now?

I once told a personal trainer that my fitness goal was to be a stronger version of 6-month-pregnant Kim Kardashian. She did not find that funny. Solcana feels like the kind of place that will accept me where I am in my fitness journey, and not shame me for the body that I have and want to keep. I think the structure and support of Solcana is a new experience that will help me actually achieve my goal of being stronger than my 3 year old nephew.

You have a free Saturday with no obligations, what do you do?

I love a good brunch that turns into lunch that turns into happy hour with good friends.

What is something you want everyone to know about you?

I am fucking terrified.

Featured photo by John Haynes

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