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Congratulations to our October Athletes of the Month, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field and Jane Sumner!


Elizabeth Wrigley-Field joined us back in April. She was looking for a new gym and had done some powerlifting training, but had taken a break for a while and was looking to get stronger. She is now a staple of the Solcana powerlifting team and she also hits up mobility classes with astounding consistency. In addition to being super smart and funny, according to Coach Jenn Elizabeth is “the best at encouragement, a total team player, and a v v v dedicated powerlifter. Her confidence under the bar is noticeable and inspiring.” Elizabeth shows up, which is the most important part according to Coach Sampson. Additionally she has made major form gains in the bench and the squat. Mobility instructor Amelia adds that she “is friendly and welcoming and asks questions and doesn’t get frustrated when things get weird and wild.” We are so glad you found a home with us at Solcana, Elizabeth! Thanks for being you.






Jane Sumner also joined in April, and was around 11 weeks pregnant at the time (a woman after my own heart!) She was looking for a way to stay active during pregnancy and learn how to modify her workouts as she progressed. Jane soon revealed herself to be a humble badass who would often arrive for class already sweaty from running from work to the gym. She never missed a day of interval sprints over the summer, and she used the last training cycle as an opportunity to make some serious improvements in her squat and overhead form. While she approaches each workout with a stoic attitude, she is not afraid to ask for modifications so that the workout makes sense for her on that particular day. Recently Jane completed the Hendrickson Beep Test and went for TWENTY FREAKIN ROUNDS which were scaled with modified burpees. Jane, you are an absolute delight and we are so so happy to have you in our community!

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