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I am so excited to announce that we are bringing some HEAVY HITTERS to Solcana for a Weightlifting Seminar. On Sunday December 10th from 10 am – 2 pm we will be hosting a seminar featuring Jenny Arthur and Norik Vardanian. If you don’t know who they are, you are in for a special treat. Jenny got 6th place in the Olympics in Rio and is one of the best female weightlifters in the world. She holds the American Record in the Snatch and Clean + Jerk in the 75kg class. Norik Vardanian is one of the most technically proficient lifters you’ll ever see. He moves like butter and watching him lift is a delight. He competed in the Olympics for Armenia in 2012, and holds the American record in the Snatch at 172 kg (379 lbs) as a 94kg lifter.

I am beyond thrilled that Solcana has the honor of hosting these two remarkable athletes. They will be holding a seminar with us to share with us their technical expertise in the Snatch and Clean + Jerk. The seminar is $200 per athlete and is open to all skill levels. Everyone can benefit, from the brand new athlete to the experienced competitive weightlifter.

To register and pay, use our square online store. Seminar is limited to 30 participants so register today to save your spot! For more info and to stay up to date, check out the facebook event.



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