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InBody is a quick and easy way to get metrics about your body composition, using a very simple machine that you can use while fully clothed. Every 6 months we bring in our friend Will Dahlgren into the gym to use his InBody machine in the gym and give you all an opportunity to get some numbers about your body that you can use to measure progress, check-in with your goals or just get a sense of where you’re at.

Tests will take place Feb 12th from 4-7 pm for $25 per person. You can sign up now and save your spot within a half-hour period, and I will send out the final schedule on Friday Feb 9th.

We want to provide this service because InBody is easy, quick, will be right at Solcana, and having some numbers can be helpful depending on your goal. We also want to provide this service to streamline any of the questions you have regarding body composition testing, and help support the idea that it is NOT the end all, be all of health. It’s really only one glimpse at a few different arenas that can help inform your training but do not dictate your self-worth, the worth of your training, or the progress you have made towards any personal goals.

Check out the Body Knowledge website as well as their testing protocol sheet for more details about how testing works.

If you’d like to sign up, here’s the form! Payment will be done through WODify.

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