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PaviElle, Adrienne, Skye, Junauda, Kye, Brave Crow, Theo, Nestor and Ikraan


Recently, we raised over $17,000 in funds from our Black Friday sale, that we are able to use to support 9 POC athletes to join us for a full year at no cost. The application opened on Dec 1st and in the time it was open, we got 49 incredible applicants. From that all-star list, a small committee of 5 Solcanauts selected the 9 recipients. Those recipients are activists, artists, entrepreneurs, comedians, dancers and students. They are leaders in the Twin Cities community, and we are so excited and honored to have them join the Solcana family. Please say hello when you see these folks in the gym and make them feel welcome to our little crew. Learn more about each of them, in their own words:

PaviElle is a vocalist and performing artist from the Twin Cities. She is also the Circulation Director for the magazine, Architecture MN. She is very honored to be a recipient of a Solcana Fitness Scholarship and is ready to live her best life!

Skye Vang (they/them) is a queer and trans, 2nd generation Hmong American. Skye has been an artist since the first time they picked up a crayon. They are constantly searching how to live their best life as their best self.

Adrienne Doyle is a designer, youth worker, and undying admirer of Serena Williams. She enjoys making alternative r&b playlists, zines, and collages. Some of her 2018 goals include regularly taking her Vitamin D supplements, learning how to drive, yelling at more men, and developing creative works that center and love on black women.

Junauda (J-U-N-A-U-D-A) Petrus
Writer, Performance Artist
Co-founder of Free Black Dirt
Director and Writer of Sweetness of Wild
Support Sweetness of Wild, click here!

As a black queer fluid transgender person living in this crazy world, bodywork is key to my sanity. I love intense workouts and have never had an opportunity to do CrossFit, until now. My name is Kye Allums and I’m ready to put in work.

Brave Crow is a two-spirit Lakota poet/bike commuter/broadcast engineer. They truly love to try it all. They currently reside in South Minneapolis with their trusty sidekick, a wild Coonhound named Willie Nelson.

Theo Langason is a theatre artist and teaching artist based in Minneapolis.  He is a member Sandbox Theatre and Blackout Improv and teaches with Upstream Arts, Guthrie Theater, and Penumbra Theatre.  As an actor, director, musician, improviser, and teacher Theo tries to make work that is equal parts goofy and beautiful.  When not making art, Theo is usually watching or playing basketball or laughing too loudly with dear friends.  Theo is most looking forward to all of the CrossFit puns.

My name is Nestor Garcia originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco MX but have been living in MN for the last 20 years. I’ve spent the last two years doing community organizing work that helped raise the minimum wage in Minneapolis to $15/hr. At my current job we are focusing on the effects of gentrification in our community and how to prevent forced displacement of current residents. I’m also a member of Socialist Alternative and volunteer my time as an organizer to build the Minneapolis branch and on my free time I like to play the best sport in the world futbol/football aka soccer. I’m looking forward to a recovery from a hamstring injury this last summer and a healthy 2018 with the help of Solcana Fitness!

Hi my name is Ikraan Omar and I have been going to Solcana for a little over a year now. I am so excited to see more diversity in the gym with this program. I look forward to continue being part of Solcana for another year!



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