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Congratulations to our February Athletes of the Month, Rica Highers and Bradley Machov!

Rica Highers brings a fierceness and brilliance that is undeniable. She has embraced crossfit as a practice, and balances her drive and discipline with an attitude of mindfulness, patience, and self love. She pushes herself hard and holds herself to high standards, but she also takes time to celebrate herself and fellow athletes for showing up, being healthy and motivated. She is a super-encouraging gym buddy and spreads joy to others. All of her dedication and hard work have led to amazing progress in her form, strength, and conditioning. She’s a certified badass who has amazing gym style. In her life outside the gym, Rica is an artist, curator, organizer, and overall visionary human. I’m excited to announce that Rica, along with Kristina Meanley, will be joining the Solcana coaching staff in 2018!




Bradley Machov

Bradley is a long-time runner, but CrossFit and weightlifting were all brand new to him before starting with us. That was no problem because Bradley doesn’t back down from a challenge and is never afraid to try something new. He has thrown himself into learning and getting better, even at the things he doesn’t love. Also, when Bradley started with us he was struggling with back pain (and still does sometimes), but instead of being fearful, he started doing mobility and recovery exercises, and actually working on his pain. He also has really good boundaries about his body and knows when it’s time to pull back if he needs to. Bradley is also extremely intelligent and thoughtful. He is finishing law school right now and loves to talk about history. Just ask him about his favorite podcasts! Bradley is a great addition to any trivia team, and he is a considerate and loyal friend. We are so happy to call him part of the Solcana family.



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