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We have invited the super smart and talented Dr. Alyssa George from Motion Minnesota to come to Solcana and provide a 90 minute seminar on pelvic floor health. This seminar will involve some instruction, along with lots of time for practicing techniques to improve your pelvic floor strength. If you are someone who pees their pants while working out (or doing other things), this is the perfect opportunity to learn from a professional about what you can do to improve your pee problems. If you have trouble peeing or feel strained when you try, this is also a good fit for you. If you’re a coach who has athletes who deal with this problem, this is a chance to learn how you can help them feel stronger and more secure. Even if you have no issues with your pee, this is an opportunity to learn about what your pelvic floor does and how you can keep it strong and healthy as you age. Everyone has a pelvic floor, so this is a great workshop for all types of bodies!

March 8th, 6-7:30 pm, 2200 Minnehaha Avenue

Sign-Up Here for the Pelvic Floor Seminar

Get Your #nopeeclub charity t-shirt here

Join the #nopeeclub! #nopeeclub is for all folks who want to improve their pelvic floor health. There is no shame in talking about pelvic floor issues and addressing them with a professional!

In partnership with Solcana Fitness, Motion Minnesota and Shameless Inc, we are also selling #nopeeclub t-shirts to raise awareness around pelvic floor health. All proceeds will to go Family Tree Clinic in St. Paul, MN. Family Tree offers sexual health and mental services to all folks, as well as primary care. They offer low-cost treatments and supporting them means supporting better health access for everyone. They believe that each individual person is deserving of not only high-quality and affordable services, but also of affirming, individualized, and respectful care. T-shirts are $20 with an additional option to donate more, and $10 of that covers costs, while $10 goes directly to Family Tree. T-shirts are on sale now through March 8th, and they will be shipped directly to you about 5-7 days after sales have closed.

Sign-Up Here for the Pelvic Floor Seminar

Get Your #nopeeclub charity t-shirt here


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