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18.1 is in the books, one workout down and four to go! Nothing says “GET TO WORK” like starting off with a 20 minute AMRAP. I personally loved this workout even though it was torture, because the rep scheme was totally manageable and kept you moving without too many breaks. This first week started off SO STRONG with 92 people completing the workout. Just a reminder, all future workouts must be submitted by 9 am on Mondays. I am being a little lenient on this first one because I want people to feel encouraged to get it done!

Marijke and Matt Decuir do incredible work on getting the score spreadsheet put together every year, and they have done it again! Some things to note about the scores – we made it so that the 14/12 calorie row differential didn’t exist in the final score, so the scores were comparable.

You will notice that of the top 20 athletes here, many of them are scaled. That is because you can rank in the scaled, scaled plus or Rx divisions and all of the scores are weighted, so you can get a high ranking even if you scale!

Congrats to the incredible Becky Kane for nailing the top spot with almost 11 full rounds! Becky, I have a prize here with your name on it. Also, a HUGE shoutout to Leah, Elisabeth, Shannon, Jenessa and Rachel for making the TOP 20 in their very first open workout. Extremely impressive to even do the workout, much less do so well.

In the team rankings, we all pretty much got destroyed by team 3 Pats and a Bahe-by. First of all, I am going to take credit for coming up with that name, thank-you-very-much. Not far behind is Hufflebuff, which is definitely the best team name of the year, followed by Kipping It Real. Don’t get too excited yet, there are still four more workouts to shake out the top team of the open this year.

Each week I will be handing out a lil prize for the top athletes of the week. If you make it into the top 5, come grab a rainbow Solcana sticker from me in the office. At the end of the open, I will be giving out prizes for top overall athletes, top team and the coveted team and individual spirit awards. You can win the spirit awards by showing up, putting in the effort, cheering on your fellow Solcanauts and just sharing the best of yourself! I will say, the spirit awards are always the best prize of the year.

Stats from 18.1

  • 92 out of 102 registered athletes completed the workout.
  • We had 22 athletes attempt Rx, 7 athletes do S+ and 63 athletes do Scaled.
  • The average number of rounds completed was 8.5

Shout-outs from the Week:

  • Coach Ryan says “Pat Tracy started out trying Rx, realizes the weight was too much, checked his ego and had me grab a 40#, and continued on with a solid Scaled Plus performance.”
  • He also says “Sharifa had started just a month ago and seemingly without knowing what was getting into, showed up to FNL and just rocked it. She kept moving through all 20 mins and looked confident.”
  • Lastly, Ryan added “Jenessa’s command of the room when it was chaos was powerful and sooo helpful!”
  • Hannah Peterson came back for her glorious return and did 18.1 as her first workout back to the gym! It was so awesome to see her rock it out.
  • Amelia says “Friday night Sophie switched to the very last heat so Laurel wasn’t signed up alone and then after the 20 minutes were up she finished out like 7 more dumbbell reps so she wouldn’t “feel uneven.”
  • Tamra re-did the workout on Sunday and added a full round to her score.
  • Morgen says “I was really proud of Julian for doing the Scaled plus and hitting all the standards. He was a great teammate and cheered everyone on, and made the atmosphere great”
  • New Solcanaut Allison Winkler showed up for her VERY FIRST WORKOUT at Solcana on Friday and crushed it!

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