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The energy in the gym on Friday was palpable for 18.2. This is my favorite type of workout, a fast burn followed by an opportunity to hit a big weight. It was incredible to watch so many people hit a PR on their heavy cleans. I was also so impressed by the number of people who tried the Rx weight.

When we did the scores this week, we first ranked 18.2, then 18.2a, and each persons final score was a combination of those two rankings. The times were taken as is, with an adjustment made if you tried a heavier weight, so slight improvement to your score if you tried Rx or S+. 
For the weighted portion, we took the weight, and then compared it to the overall top scores submitted on the CrossFit leaderboard. What we saw is that the top 10 heaviest M and F weights were different by a multiplier of 1.5. For example, the top woman submitted at 245 and the top man submitted at 390, which is a difference of about 1.5. So, if you submitted a score with an Rx at 35#, then your clean was multiplied by 1.5 to come out with the overall number.

The coolest thing about this workout is that it tests both your sprinting skills AND your strength. Having both is not easy! The only person who got a top 5 ranking in both the metcon and the strength portion was Alex Fink, which explains his placing in the overall scores.

Congrats to the top 5 of this workout, it was a doozy! Alex, you really crushed it. I have some prizes for you waiting on my desk. Next time you are here please find me, Morgen or Jerik and we can hand you a hot Solcana sticker. HUGE congrats to the whole top 20, so much hard work happened here. You can see that it really benefited folks this week to do a heavier weight. Sometimes it doesn’t matter as much if you do S, S+ or Rx, but completing 18.2 at Rx and also getting a clean done really did amazing things for folks scores.

After all was said and done, 3-Pats and a Bahe-by and Cirque du Sore Legs came out on top! I am rooting for Cirque du Sore Legs to win the overall at this point just to see 3-Pats and a Bahe-by fall. No offense friends, it’s just that your team is not exactly “the underdog”. Bad Dod went from 16th last week to 3rd this week, which is really an incredible leap. The biggest success story of the week has to be Chalk Dirty To Me, who went from dead last, up to 16th in a tie with Stronger Things. I am going to give credit to Brianna on that one, for re-testing on Sunday and crushing her original score. Nice work to all the teams!

Stats from 18.2
  • 96 out of 102 registered athletes completed the workout.
  • We had 33 athletes attempt Rx (up 10 from last week), 12 athletes do S+ (up 5 from last week) and 51 athletes do Scaled.
  • The average time was 9:48 and the average clean was 155 (adjusted)

Shout-outs from the Week:

  • Coach Kaitlin says “I really appreciate Jenessa. She’s got an unwavering confidence and is so damn supportive. She came up right behind me during my last round of burpees and basically made me get on the floor and back up. Also watching Josh and Julian partner up made my day. They are so hilarious and Josh quietly crushes workouts and did so great.”
  • Thank you to Drew for serving up tasty cookies and bread bites from Brake Bread!
  • Coach Hannah says “I saw Allyson try Rx and worked so hard through the workout. She didn’t get the score she wanted so she came back on Sunday morning and put up a phenomenal score at the Scaled weight. Congrats on your hard work Ally!! Also Babs set the time to beat by doing Rx in 7 minutes at 6:30 in the gosh-darn morning”
  • From Coach Ryan “Kira went Rx! I was so impressed. She is usually a member of the AG70 club but chose Rx anyway. I was blown away. Ikraan has been working on her squat depth and it showed last night. Also, she bumped up the weights and did S+. Laurel’s grit to do Rx, push herself to a her deepest squat depth and then push herself so damn hard to almost beat the cap. I could feel her frustration with not finishing by one rep but I have a feeling there’s no way she doesn’t finish the next time around.”
  • Mike Stark says “Pat Tracy hit 145 with 1 second to spare!”
  • Coach Jeff says “I’m pretty sure Mimi pr’d her clean and surprised the shit out of herself. Matt E attempted 245 twice and missed. His 3rd attempt came with just seconds left and he nailed it.”
  • Sophie did the workout without really knowing at all what her clean weight was, and she nailed 4 attempts in a row, up to 110# like a boss.
  • Coach Bobby says “Rachel S quietly pr’d her clean during the workout. She was also a great supporter when it was her turn to score.
    Also, Bill H started doing S+ and about 5 rounds in hit his wall and said “I’ll do scaled for a few more rounds and then try the entire thing again on Sunday.” He listened to his body and knew when it was time to change things up and come back in to fight another day. He came back and did great at scaled. He figured out a challenging but doable weight. Good for him!”
  • Coach Morgen says “Kaitlin came back to the 9:30 am class after coaching early morning JUST to yell at me and help me get through the workout.” She also came back for FNL and crushed it!

This workout was really inspiring to watch and I can’t say enough how impressed I was. Incredible job everyone. Two workouts in the books, and with the third one coming around the corner! I only have one thing to point out: we have not seen a technical gymnastics pulling or pushing movement yet, so I am expecting to see something like handstand push-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups or muscle-ups coming up in the third workout. Maybe a chipper with some double-unders thrown in for good measure. What are your predictions?

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