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At the end of this week, we are closing the mobility building on the corner. Starting June 1st that building will be demolished and that area will be turned into a communal courtyard and garden area. As a result, we are moving our mobility classes into the Vulcana room, and making some other changes to the schedule that you should check out!

There is a lot to look at on this calendar, but here are some of the important highlights I want to point out to you:

Mobility, Active Mobility, Group Acupuncture: There is a more limited schedule of mobility classes now, but they will all take place in the Vulcana room. They are all 40 minutes long. We will still provide mats and blocks, so no need to bring your own. Thank you for your patience as we adjust to having them in a new space!

Mobility Flow: Chelsea Heath will be teaching a flow-style mobility class with some built in vinyasa style flow in the beginning, extra focus on balancing poses, and some yin-style longer holds at the end. This is a 1-hour class offered Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am.

Outdoor Mobility: Throughout the summer, Amelia will be offering an outdoor mobility class, on the green space right behind the gym. This will be a fun opportunity to have mobility at an earlier time, outdoors! This class will cancel for inclement weather.

Gymnastics: This 30-minute class is an opportunity for folks who have subscribed to G1/G2 programming to practice their skills with a hands-on coach. Only athletes who subscribe to this programming will have access to this class in their WODify app. Please use your app to register, as the class will cancel if there are no sign-ups 1-hour prior.

Outdoor Fitness: These classes take place 3-days per week at Matthews Park, and are open to all members. If you have a friend who might be interested in an outdoor only membership, please send them to us for this fun 3-month opportunity!

[Em]Power Strength: Our 5-week strength series is moving to 6:30 am and will take place in Vulcana, which means there will no longer be open gym during that time. If you have a friend who might like our [Em]Power program, it starts next Tuesday May 29th!


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