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We’re willing to bet most Solcana members know the “what” part of the equation when it comes to a healthy eating pattern. But, like many others, they might lack an understanding of “how much” of that healthy food is enough to support their goals. If you’ve got goals for your health, body composition or athletic performance, it’s important to get more precise about that side of things.

Tracking macronutrients, or “macros”, and learning how each macro could impact your hunger, fullness, energy, lethargy, cravings, or satisfaction is one of greatest lessons you could learn about food. Getting experience in macro tracking sets you up to make educated decisions about your nutrition based in how you want to look, feel and perform. It’s the method and approach to help you confidently answer the question, “how much food is appropriate for me?”, based on your unique goals.

We’ve decided to partner with Registered Dietitian and macro tracking expert, Emily Field, for a 5 week challenge all about macros. Emily runs an online-only nutrition practice where she specializes in helping people get strong by eating more and stressing less about nonsense diet rules. She uses macro tracking to help her clients achieve their health, body composition and athletic performance goals. She’s become known for her expertise in tracking macros as a way for people to:

>> figure out “how much” food is appropriate for them given their activity level

>> find food freedom and stop feeling guilty about enjoying a little white bread or white wine on occasion

>> ditch the idea that they’ve gotta resort to depriving diets, restrictive meal plans, and extremely limited food lists to see a little weight loss

>> be in the driver’s seat of their health, body composition and athletic performance goals instead of feeling like it’s some elusive mystery


In fact, a few of our Solcana members have worked with Emily and tracked macros for the first time under her guidance. Here’s what Solcana members have said about their experience:

“Before tracking, I felt like certain foods were off limits and that only certain foods were acceptable. This lead to a seemingly endless cycle of restricting and binging.”

“Tracking has encouraged me to me more mindful of the treats and alcohol I consume. I used to constantly skip meals because I’d get busy with my kids, and then try to “make up for it” by eating a bunch of random snacks or a large dinner. I couldn’t figure out why I was exhausted and cranky in the afternoons, and it’s because I wasn’t eating enough to support my activity level or fitness goals!”

“Tracking macros is more freeing than I ever anticipated. Prior to trying this, I was sure I was eating too much, but clearly the reverse was true. This is the first time in my life that I’ve attempted to change my eating pattern and I’m actually encouraged to eat MORE, not less!”

“Just knowing there are no diet restrictions and I can pretty much eat whatever the hell I want so long as I track it within my prescription absolutely creates a healthy attitude toward eating. No, I’m not eating cake and ice cream every day, but simply knowing those foods are not “off limits” makes me not even want it!”

If you’ve been curious about tracking your macros but had NO IDEA where to start – this challenge is for you. During this 5 week challenge, Emily will walk you through macro tracking basics like, which apps to use, how to log food accurately, estimating serving sizes with ease, and meal planning around your macros. Truly, this challenge will set you up to DIY things on your own far into the future. Your investment of $145 dollars includes:

>> LIVE virtual training hosted by Emily Field RD to kick off the Macro Challenge, “How to Get Started with Tracking Your Macros”. Replay posted for those who are unable to attend live!

>> Personalized macro goals set by Emily and her experienced team of Registered Dietitians. You’ll use the 5 weeks of the challenge to get better and better at hitting these macro targets!

>> Access to private Facebook group with other Macro Challenge participants to serve as a place for daily motivation, inspiration, discussion and accountability

>> Weekly lessons that build on the foundational challenge concepts and keep you progressing towards better and better macro adherence

>> Unlimited access to a Registered Dietitian via private Facebook group discussion. Really, ask anything you want, Emily’s there to help!

>> Pre- and post-challenge assessment measures in athletic performance and body composition as well as other lifestyle factors like overall energy, sleep, craving management, hunger and fullness which can ALL be influenced by your macronutrient ratios.

The Macro Challenge runs from September 17th through October 21st and is completely virtual. Reserve your spot in the Challenge by e-mailing [email protected] with the phrase “sign me up!”


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