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It is time for the annual Solcana Fall Challenge! The Fall Challenge is a really awesome opportunity to crush some goals, reinvest in your fitness and put your skills to the test. It’s meant for everyone, all levels of experience, from brand new athletes to long-haul Solcanauts. This year our Fall Challenge is the combined total of:

Deadlift + Snatch + Shoulder Press

I am calling this the Solcana Total. Your total weight lifted, compared to your bodyweight will determine your score. Prizes will be awarded for highest overall score, most improved, and the “spirit of the challenge” award.

The challenge kicks off Sep 17th and runs through Nov 21st. That means we have two months to get strong as heck before Thanksgiving creeps in and we are all busy busy through the holidays.

September 17th – 19th you will have the chance to test the three lifts, we will train them for 8 weeks and retest the week of Nov 19th – 21st. The challenge only costs $10 to enter, unless you want some of our excellent fall swag!

Entry money goes to the prizes for winners!


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