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The fall challenge starts testing next week! I wanted to post a few quick updates so you knew what to expect. First, A BONUS. A handful of eager athletes asked me last week, “where is the metcon?” Apparently, these folks loooooooved them some beep test (last year’s fall challenge metcon), and were hoping for something like that again. Well, I am happy to oblige!

A reminder of the fall challenge:

Solcana Total = Weight Lifted in Snatch + Deadlift + Shoulder Press

But now, I am also adding a bonus option to test out a classic CrossFit standard – “Jackie”.

1000 m row
50 Thrusters (45/35/22)
30 Pull-ups (or ring rows)

Don’t worry, you don’t have to compete in Jackie, but you can compete in both the Solcana Total and Jackie if you’d like! I will be giving out prizes for most weight lifted Solcana total, most improved Solcana total, fastest Jackie, most improved Jackie, AND spirit of the challenge award. That’s a lot of prizes you could win!

All you have to do to enter is make sure you are registered for the challenge, and then show up to the gym! Next week our schedule for testing is as follows:

Monday All Classes = Deadlift + Shoulder Press
Tuesday All Classes = Snatch (+ time for one other lift or body building)
Wednesday CrossFit = “Jackie”
Thursday Strength = Testing make-up

For the remainder of the challenge, the calendar will be super predictable so you can set your clock to it and make sure you hit up the days you want to work on your weaknesses!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
CrossFit Deadlift Shoulder Press *Mystery* *Mystery* Snatch Squats *Mystery*
Strength Bench Snatch Deadlift Supplement Squats     X      X      X

Ok so I can’t give everything away, mystery days stuck in there for ya so you don’t just start skipping days, but everything else is there for you so you know when to go! I highly suggest picking a lift you struggle the most with and then really committing to coming to those days. If you stink at snatch, you should definitely hang out with me on Tuesday strength days and Friday CrossFit.

I hope you really enjoy this fall challenge cycle, it’s encouraging to see so many of you signed up and excited!

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