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Hi Homies!

Emma Vasseur here to introduce a super fun, super cool idea to help you reach your goals and make meaningful changes happen in your life: SOLCANA-BILI-BUDDIES!


Solcana – a space full of inspiration, growth, change, strength, transformation,…

Accountability – an essential element to making change happen, as we are social creatures afterall

Buddies – Solcana’s badass, compassionate, caring, connected community!


Combine these three components and you have a great opportunity to explore what it will take for you to make the changes you’ve been wanting to make for your health and in your life!

Allow me to elaborate…  

I will be hosting monthly group meetings for members of Solcana to check in and talk about your goals! What kinds of goals, you ask? Any goal you can dream up is welcome. Fitness goals. Food goals. Relationship goals. Career goals. Quitting smoking goals. Literally any goal you have or want to have!

We will come together once each month to share goals with the group, talk about what potential barriers are getting in the way, celebrate successes, and spend time creating concrete action steps to keep moving forward. I’ve planned for our meetings to be as close to the New Moon or First Quarter Moon for that extra lunar mojo I know some of y’all will appreciate.

This idea came to me after facilitating several rounds of Body Adapt and Essential You and hearing participants talk about how accountability was one of the main ingredients for success in both programs. Some people participated in Essential You more than once simply to have the accountability! So I knew something needed to be done.

I have a passion for meeting people where they’re at and supporting them in identifying and making change happen when something is feeling off in their lives. I studied Integrative Health and Wellbeing Coaching at the University of Minnesota and obtained my Master’s Degree in the field last May. I cannot think of a better place for me to share my skill set and passion as Solcana has been such a big part of my personal transformation over the past four years.

I do not come with an agenda or a prescription. I come with an open heart, open ears and present mind. You are the one with the answers to your biggest questions and my intention is to help you find that answer within yourself that will lead you to the changes you want to make.

Want to know the best part?! It’s absolutely free for members of Solcana!


The first meeting is scheduled for Sunday, October 21st and will take place from 2pm-4pm at Solcana.


If you’re interested in participating fill out this Google Form and I will follow-up with you regarding next steps: Solcana-bili-Buddy Sign-up

Feel free to email me with any questions at emma [@] solcanafitness [.] com

Big Love,


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