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Happy December! As we wrap up 2018, we get to reflect on how strong and amazing our Solcana family is. This month we get to honor two people who light up the gym and bring a lot of sunshine to every class: Skye Vang and Jessie Johnson!

“Skye is so awesome!” says Coach Hannah. “They have been so committed over the last year. They did the G1 program on their own and went from getting 1 really difficult pull-up to doing 3 at a time. Also they consistently come to strength class and have totally redesigned the way their body moves over the last year. Skye is a great ambassador for us and has brought some other amazing folks into the fold. They also make me smile every time I see them with a great sense of humor and a gentle demeanor that just makes it so easy to get to know them. They are a Program Coordinator at Cycles for Change and do really cool stuff with kids and adults through the programs there. Skye is the coolest!!” Coach Kaitlin adds “They know their weakness and are realistic about what they can accomplish, and they really go for it and work hard.” And Coach Bobby says “Skye is always so friendly and coachable. They are also a very hard worker and a pleasure to be in class with.”


Coach Kaitlin says “I love having Jessie in class. Pardon my annoying reference, but Like Mary Tyler Moore, she’s got spunk. She isn’t afraid to tell me she hates something, but she’s gonna try it anyway. She is one of the loudest cheer-ers in the AM. She works as a youth pastor and frequently talks about how complicated her work is as an openly queer woman and I admire how much she advocates for herself and prioritizes her self care.” Coach Jeff adds that Jessie “is a one person welcoming committee at the gym. Anytime there is someone new to the class, Jessie engages them and gets to know them. It’s an amazing thing to watch happen. I’m always so happy to see Jessie in one of my classes because I know the energy of the room will be lifted because she’s there.” And Coach Jenn says “during Body Adapt Jessie loved to work out to the Moana soundtrack which i think is very endearing. She is so supportive of everyone around her!”

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