(612) 808-0252

(612) 808-0252

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404

1915 E 22nd Street, Minneapolis

The Power to Change,

The Strength to do it.

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Solcana Fitness

A Minneapolis-based gym built on the idea of body liberation.

We are a queer, woman-owned gym designed for all bodies. We offer small group strength and conditioning classes that will help you find the most powerful version of yourself.

We will help you become stronger and more resilient without diet or weight loss culture. Learn to lift well, move well and enjoy the gym again!

Looking for our Trans Teen Strength Summer Camp?

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A Solcana weightlifter with a barbell on their back.

For all bodies



Three people with hoodies that read "Make Strong Friends" on the back.

Come as you are



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Meet your needs



How to Join Solcana...


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Sign up for the next session of our 6-week beginner strength program for all bodies.


Join our Beginner Program

Sign up for the next session of our 6-week beginner strength program for all bodies.


Discover a new love of fitness

Transform the way you feel in a gym and find out for yourself that movement really can be fun and fulfilling.

Meet our Community

Solcana fitness member Britt Johnson posing after a workout.

Britt Johnson


Britt is as kind as they are strong. Which is to say, incredibly kind. They are so much fun to have in class. They are always super supportive of other athletes and incredibly welcoming to new folks. They are an elementary school teacher and are probably the coolest teacher those kids will ever have.

They have really challenged a lot of the communities they are in to be better and do better, ours included. They push themselves really hard but are also keenly aware of when they want to slow down or need to drop the weight, whatever the day calls for. They recently deadlifted 360 lbs and that was AFTER having failed a rep and not being sure they could do more!

Sam Taitel


Sam in a nutshell: Fierce. Determined. Kind. Strong. Powerful. Encouraging. Humble.

Sam joined Solcana because they needed a place to work out and find community, especially among queer folks, in a new city after moving here from NYC. They have loved the supportive group dynamics while being able to push themself. Sam is such an inspiring athlete. They are truly an embodiment of Solcana’s values and purpose. They bring absolute fierceness and badassery – while cultivating a warm, welcoming, supportive vibe to all those around them.

Solcana fitness member Sam Tattle rowing in a fitness class.
Solcana fitness logo in front of a rainbow Pride flag.

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