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Solcana fitness


Recover from birth through purposeful movement

All Postpartum Bodies

A 5-week program for folks who have given birth at any point, and want to build strength through intentional movement. Trans bodies welcome.

Strong and Supple

Gain stability and mobility in the areas most affected by labor, delivery and parenting. Work around injury and prevent future pain.

Meet your Body Where it is

Gain core strength to manage diastasis recti and recover your pelvic floor.  Build functional movement patterns that translate to daily parenting.

"Solcana does this very unique thing where you stop worrying about how much weight is on the bar or how you look and you can just focus on doing the movements the right way, having fun, and maybe even making a friend or two." - M.C.

Why does it work?

[Em]Power Postpartum is a weekly class to help new parents rebuild and strengthen the body after birth. This class is appropriate for anyone who has given birth, whether recently or years ago. We will work with you to manage diastasis recti, gain pelvic floor strength and control, and create a strong foundation through the core. We meet weekly on Mondays to learn techniques and do a group workout. Each week you will receive two additional at-home workouts to complete, with an option to do the at-home workout with your baby in a carrier. Babies are welcome in class if they are not yet crawling. 



Upcoming Session

Mondays from 11am-12pm

March 23rd - April 20th


Sliding Scale price $100-$200 for full 5-week program includes:

  • 5 in-person fitness classes
  • 10 at-home workouts you can do with or without baby
  • Small cohort of other parents to build your community


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