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Redeemable at any time for any of our classes or series. A gift card is the perfect thing for family and friends to try what we have to offer!

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Body Adapt

Body Adapt is a 6-week program for beginners. With two days per week of fitness and one day per week of nutrition, this wholistic program will help you find joy in your health and ignite your fitness journey. Specifically designed for athletes of all types, part of a queer-friendly, feminist, social-justice minded gym. Morning session M/W/F at 6am runs September 7th through October 17th Evening session S/T/Th at 6:30pm runs September 9th through October 18th

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[Em]Power Strength Series

Learn the basics of lifting, and walk away with a 6-week program you can use to train on your own. In this series we will cover some of the big lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift and more. You will also learn some supplementary movements to support stability and mobility to keep your body healthy as you gain strength. Each week we will also introduce you to self-care practices that you can use at home to bring balance into your life. This is more than just a strength program, it’s an opportunity to become powerful. 5 weeks, 1-hr classes, Tuesdays & Thursdays Next Session: Jan 8th - Feb 7th, 4:30 pm

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[Em]Power Strength Series 2.0

[Em]Power 2.0 builds on the foundational strength learned in the first [Em]Power series. In this 5-week session we focus on building additional lifting skills with more difficult lifts like the Clean + Jerk, Overhead squat and others, as well as additional supplemental lifts like the Turkish Get-up and other body building techniques. Next session: Feb 12th - Mar 14th, 4:30-5:30 pm, T/Th

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