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Body Adapt

Body Adapt is a 6-week program for beginners. With two days per week of fitness and one day per week of nutrition, this wholistic program will help you find joy in your health and ignite your fitness journey. Specifically designed for athletes of all types, part of a queer-friendly, feminist, social-justice minded gym. Morning session: M/W/F at 6 am, runs June 1st through July 16th Evening session: M/T/Th at 6:30 pm, runs June 4th through July 12th

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Essential You

The Essential You is a 5-week course dedicated to helping you connect mind and body through nutrition. Learn which foods help fuel you, and participate in a food challenge. Next session begins April 15th and is on Sundays from 4:30-6pm.

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Gift Card

Gift card for one month of unlimited classes at Solcana Fitness. If you purchase this item, we will send you a gift card in the mail.

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[Em]Power Strength Series

Learn the basics of lifting, and walk away with a 6-week program you can use to train on your own. In this series we will cover some of the big lifts: squat, bench press, deadlift and more. You will also learn some supplementary movements to support stability and mobility to keep your body healthy as you gain strength. Each week we will also introduce you to self-care practices that you can use at home to bring balance into your life. This is more than just a strength program, it’s an opportunity to become powerful. 5 weeks, 2 classes per week Tue/Thu at 6:30 am + 1 mobility session per week Next Session: May 29 - June 28

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Outdoor Fitness

Solcana Outdoor Fitness is a program for non-members who want to do a fun outdoor program this summer. Classes take place at Matthews park and run MWF at 6 pm from June 4th – August 24th. You can sign up now for $275 for the whole summer, or pay $99/month. Secure your spot by paying your first month or whole payment up front.

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Jump Rope Workshop

This jump rope workshop is taught by former competitive jumprope athlete Colleen Somerville-Leeman. For only $15 you can learn all of the tricks and skills it takes to be excellent with a jump rope. Learn to jump, get your first double under, try double-dutch, all the fun stuff in only an hour! Spots are limited to 24 people.

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